August 5, 2022
Twitter AMP links

Twitter AMP Links Increase Ubiquity across the Social Platform

Twitter AMP links first rolled out in late 2015, spreading to Twitter Moments during March, and now appear more widely on its native Android, iOS apps…

Twitter AMP links or links to accelerated mobile pages, are now popping up more often on the social media’s native Android and iOS apps. Accelerated mobile pages or AMPs are an online publishing format, created by Google, which feature mobile friendly optimization, loading in a fraction of time than traditional mobile content.

Twitter AMP Links Ramp Up on the Social Microblog

Twitter stated during Google I/O it would introduce more links to AMPs on its platform. Now, it appears from third-party data, there are far more Twitter AMP links, growing from less than 1 percent in December 2016 to over 12 percent this June. But, Twitter isn’t the only platform sending more people to AMPs. According to Relay Media, non-Google sourced traffic to AMPs rose from approximately 4 percent in December of last year to 20 percent in June.

However, Twitter AMP links aren’t pointed to the Google-hosted versions, unlike many other platforms. Instead, Twitter AMP links go right to the original host.

Twitter first announced its inclusion of AMP links in 2015, “Tweets are an essential part of storytelling for publishers and technology companies around the world. When news breaks, people go to Twitter to share the story, and their Tweets become a critical element to articles on the mobile web. While we work hard to make embedded Tweets incredibly fast and performant, they’re often loaded inside of slower mobile web pages. Today, we aim to change the performance of the mobile web, by supporting a new open source initiative with other industry leaders called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).”

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