November 6, 2022
Twitter and YouTube TV Chromebook Progressive Web Apps Now Available in the Google Play Store

Twitter and YouTube TV get PWA Treatments, Now Available for Download on Chromebooks in the Google Play Store

Two popular Android apps have been converted over to PWAs, now ready for installation on Chromebooks through the Google Play Store…

Right now, the most common and compatible applications for Chromebooks and Chromeboxes are Android apps. These are readily available in the Google Play Store for download. However, these applications, built on the Android platform, are notorious for their unstable performance on Chrome OS-powered devices. One solution is a new cross-platform operating system, currently under development by Google, called Fuchsia. But, since that system is not available at the present time, PWAs are a great alternative.

Twitter and YouTube TV Chromebook Progressive Web Apps Now Available in the Google Play Store

Both the latest versions of Twitter and YouTube TV come as progressive web apps in the Google Play Store, replacing their Android counterparts by default. Meaning, when a Chromebook or Chromebox owner elects to download either, they’ll automatically get the PWA version, instead of Android.

For those unfamiliar with PWAs, progressive web apps look and function like regular mobile applications, but there’s no need to actually install any software on a device. Rather, these act like home screen shortcuts. As a result, they take up very little space, and do not require periodic updating, unlike regular mobile applications.

While this isn’t only applicable to Twitter and YouTube TV, as there are other PWAs inside the Google Play Store, these are the first to be offered primarily as progressive web apps. Which likely means, more will be on the way to speed up the transition over to PWAs from regular mobile apps.

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