June 18, 2021
Twitter Android app pinned lists

Twitter is About to Introduce Pinned Lists for its Android App and will Soon Support Scheduled Tweets on its Web App

It appears Twitter is on the verge of releasing a new pinned lists feature for its Android app, along with the ability to schedule tweets via its web app…

Social networks constantly experiment with new features and test tweaks of existing ones. But, very few make it out to public release. Although an Edit button is most definitely on the top of users’ wish lists, Twitter isn’t ready to offer one.

However, the social microblog is apparently about to roll out pinned lists for its Android mobile application. 

Twitter Android App Pinned Lists to Soon Debut

Twitter is close to releasing pinned lists for Android, after teasing it briefly last year. Since that time, it’s debuted on the iOS app. It allows users to create lists of favorite topics and/or accounts they can pin to their main feed.

The folks over at 9to5Google have been able to access and use the tool, suggesting it’s not far off for public release. And, it works much the same as it does for iOS devices. Also, scheduled tweets are coming.

Available through the web app, schedule tweets do just what one would think. Twitter first announced this option last year and said it would arrive in months. Now, it might make its way out to wide release.

Here’s a couple of screenshots captured by 9to5Google, showing the pinned lists for Twitter on Android: 

pinned lists for Twitter on Android
Credit: 9to5Google

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