May 20, 2022
Twitter automatic Tweet promotion service

Twitter Now Ask Its Users to Pay for a Monthly Automatic Tweet Promotion Service

A new automatic Tweet promotion service rolls out in limited beta testing, offering a low-cost alternative to its more expensive advertising products…

Twitter is now inviting certain users to enter its latest beta program, an automatic Tweet promotion service, for $99 per month. It’s a creative way to split the difference between an outright subscription model and its high-priced ad buys.

Twitter Inviting some Users to Try a New Monthly Automatic Tweet Promotion Service

The new automatic Tweet promotion tool “automatically amplifies your tweets and profile” for a period of 30 days. And, the first thirty days are free, with a $99 fee applying thereafter. Twitter makes it more enticing by not requiring a contract, so those who opt in can cancel at any time.

But, it’s not open to all Twitter users, at this time, the program is by invitation only. The concept makes sense, given Twitter’s roller coaster ad revenue track record. The automatic Tweet promotion service comes with minimal commitment and a low-entry price. That’s great for brands wanting to increase awareness without going through the long, tedious process of creating ads.

The social microblog definitely needs to innovate as its latest Q2 earnings report revealed it did not add more MAUs or monthly active users. That news sent Twitter stock into a sharp fall.

The results of this beta test might prove a viable revenue stream for the ailing social network. But it’s up to brands and power users to embrace the promotion service.

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