August 4, 2022
Twitter Automatic Tweet Translation Test Now Running

Twitter is Now Testing an Automatic Tweet Translation Feature (but Only in Brazil)

Twitter is running an experiment that automatically translates tweets in foreign languages, rather than having to rely on manual input…

Micro-blogging site Twitter boasts over 300 million users around the world. That’s not an insignificant number of people and not all speak the same language. (Some even do speak the same language at-large, but regional dialects are their native tongue, which can lead to misunderstandings and/or confusion.) Now, Twitter is testing a new feature that automatically translates posts.

Twitter Automatic Tweet Translation Test Now Running

Translation is already a part of Twitter. But, it requires a manual action. Currently, tweets are displayed in their native language. Users must tap or click on “Translate Tweet” button that appears below the text. (It’s only available if logged into the service.) In order to give people faster access to foreign language posts, Twitter is testing an automated translation on Android and iOS in Brazil:

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