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Twitter is Making it Easier to Watch Videos without Turning Up the Volume

Twitter Automatic Video Captions Start Rolling Out

Credit: Indian Express

Twitter automatic video captioning is now making its way to all users on the web, Android, and iOS, but users must enable it first…

Twitter understands how ubiquitous and important video is in today’s entertainment environment. It’s been made super-popular by the likes of YouTube and TikTok. However, video requires not only visuals but also, audio. Unfortunately, that isn’t always feasible and there are definite instances when turning the sound down is necessary. Of course, this means having to rely on headphones or earbuds. So, Twitter is rolling out automatic video captioning.

Twitter Automatic Video Captions Start Rolling Out

Twitter is pushing out its automated video captioning to all users and it works on all three main clients: the web, Android, and iOS. (But, to actually make use of the new automatic video captioning, it’s necessary to go into the device accessibility settings and manually enable it.) Once it’s turned on, captions will appear on videos so people can watch and get all the context without needing an audio component.

Twitter says that when users scroll through their feeds, videos will auto-play — without sound — and captions will appear. If the watcher decides to into a clip in full-screen, the captions will disappear. At that time, a toggle will pop up, allowing the viewer to turn them back on.

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