September 15, 2022
Twitter birth year prank

People are Falling for This Prank on Twitter and Getting Locked Out of Their Accounts

A viral Twitter birth year prank is causing people to change their birth date to supposedly unlock new color schemes but it’s locking them out, instead…

There’s a viral prank making its way around Twitter. It promises users a whole new, cool experience is hidden away on the platform. To unlock the sensational user interface, people need only to simply change their birth year to 2007.

Twitter Birth Year Prank Locks Users Out of Their Accounts

By changing birthdays to the year 2007, the network automatically locks such accounts because users must be over the age of 13. 

Users are falling for it because it promises administrative privileges, new color schemes, and even awarding verified blue and white checks.

However, when someone changes their birth year to 2007, the system triggers. The problem is so pervasive, even Twitter Support had to intervene to warn people against making the change:

Anyone who falls for the prank isn’t locked out forever. But, it does require contacting the Twitter Support team and a government-issued identification to restore an account.

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