April 30, 2021
Twitter Bookmarks

Twitter Introduces Bookmarks, a Private Tweet Saving Option

Twitter Bookmarks are a new way to save tweets in a private location to help users easily find content for a later date and time…

Twitter Bookmarks are officially rolling out today. The feature, previously in limited testing for the past few months, is now making its way out to the entire platform. It’s a simple option to save tweets for later, heavily requested by users because of the sheer volume that surfaces on the platform.

“Today, we’re introducing Bookmarks, an easy way to save Tweets for quick access later. But wait, there’s more! Today’s update makes sharing better, too. With our new “share” icon on every Tweet, you’ll be able to bookmark a Tweet, share via Direct Message, or share off of Twitter any number of ways. Because we put all sharing actions together in one place, it’s easier to save and share privately or publicly — in the moment, or later.”

Twitter Bookmarks Debut Giving Users a Way to Save Tweets Privately

The Twitter Bookmarks tool is heart-shaped, located within the share icon. Simply tap on it and select “Add Tweet to Bookmarks.” And, unlike the Favorite button, this doesn’t publicly alerted to what’s saved. (When a user hits the Favorite button, it automatically notifies the original poster with a like. What’s more, favorites are accessible to anyone who interacts with those tweets, and is visible on profiles.)

Credit: Twitter /TechCrunch

To view saved Bookmarks, users can just head to their profiles and locate the list on the menu. Twitter Bookmarks are rolling out worldwide today on both Android and iOS, along with Twitter Lite, and mobile.twitter.com, the site’s PWA or progressive web app.

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