September 20, 2022
Twitter bots

Twitter Bot Scandal Grows; Company Tests Tweak Tweet Look

The Twitter bots scandal continues to place mounting pressure on CEO Jack Dorsey after research allege up to 15 percent of account profiles are fake…

Increasing buzz about the Twitter bots scandal comes at a time when the struggling microblog is under assault from other fronts. Last week, the University of Southern California and the University of Indiana revealed in a joint study about 48 million of the social network’s active monthly user accounts are actually robots, not humans. That far exceeds the microblog’s own estimate of 8.5 percent.

Twitter Bot Scandal Looms Larger

On the heels of the report came a call by the Association of National Advertisers for Twitter to open to a third-party independent audit and metrics monitoring. The two combined put an already beleaguered company in a precarious position. Twitter is currently attempting to lure advertisers back to its platform. 

The company continues to struggle financially as bidders backed away from its self-imposed deadline last October. As a result of the recent revelation, pressure is growing for Dorsey to step down.

Twitter Tweet Testing New Look

Meanwhile, the company continues to test a new tweet look for iOS. The development team rolled out a subtle change to the tweet timeline as seen below:

tweet look
Credit: Social Media Today

The company added “Tweets and Replies”, in between Tweets and Media. This look launched on Android some time ago but it’s relatively new to iOS. There’s also a change with the Twitter desktop notifications tab:

Twitter desktop notifications tab

Twitter likewise continues to step up its fight against abuse on the platform. Just over a week ago, the company introduced a new profile warning label. Flagged accounts are not notified and to-date, Twitter has not given specific guidelines.

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