October 1, 2022
Twitter Brings its 'Read before Sharing' Prompt Test to Apple Devices

Twitter Really Wants Apple Users to Actually Read Articles before Sharing Them

Twitter previously experimented with a message that prompted users to read content before sharing it on Android, and now it comes to iOS…

Back in June, Twitter started testing a ‘read article’ alert on Android. Now, it’s bringing the same prompt to iOS. The idea behind it was obvious — to get users to read content before they shared it. Apparently, the trial went so well, Twitter is ready to bring it to everyone on the platform. Moreover, the company shared some of the results of the test. With the expansion, it’s now coming to Apple devices.

Twitter Brings its ‘Read before Sharing’ Prompt Test to Apple Devices

Twitter says that it caused people to open articles 40 percent more frequently than prior. Also, people reading through content before retweeting it rose by an impressive 33 percent. What’s more, some users declined to retweet things after reading them through, which Twitter says “is fine!” (Obviously, it’s not always a good idea to retweet or share something, particularly when the headline doesn’t match the actual content.)

The prompt will show up on articles, regardless of the content contained therein or the publisher. The company states it will pushing the feature out to everyone to encourage “more informed tweeting.” When it goes live, users will see a prompt exclaiming “headlines don’t tell the full story.”

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