July 3, 2022
Twitter Bug Mistaken for New Tweet Editing Feature

People Got Really Excited about a Possible New Edit Option for Twitter, but It was Just a Bug

Twitter appeared to be testing a new editing feature for tweets this weekend, but it turned out to be only a glitch in the system…

Just days ago, Twitter lit up with users posting their encounter with a mysterious editing tool for replies. These quickly gained steam, with others looking for the same experience. It seemed for a brief time that Twitter had finally decided to add an edit option for tweets. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be, to the chagrin of users. The supposed tweet edit feature was merely a bug.

Twitter Bug Mistaken for New Tweet Editing Feature

The misunderstanding started on Sunday afternoon. Some people noticed when they deleted a reply to a tweet, then tried to reply once again, the previously “deleted” text magically reappeared. It even allowed people to correct any errors before re-sending their replies. The Verge reported at the time:

“Twitter seems to be testing a neat way to edit tweets. If you delete a tweet when you reply to someone and then go to reply again it brings the old text back so you can correct your typo.”

Other users chimed in with their own experiences, saying they too were able to edit their deleted replies. One person exclaimed:

“OMG I think I just edited a tweet?? I wrote a tweet, noticed a benign single-letter typo, deleted the tweet and pressed “reply” again and found the full text of my previous tweet available to edit and send again. If this really is the feature test I think it is I am SO HAPPY.”

But, the joy didn’t last all that long. Twitter explained that it wasn’t experimenting with an edit option. Instead, what people saw was the result of a bug in the code and nothing more:

“…unfortunately, we’re not testing this. it’s a bug and we’re looking into it.”

An edit option is something users have long requested. But, CEO Jack Dorsey has said that Twitter would “probably never” introduce such a feature.

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