June 21, 2022
Twitter Chirp Overhaul Getting a New Redesign

Twitter Recently Redesigned its Browser and Mobile Apps but It Needs Tweaking because Too Many People are Complaining

Twitter rolled out a redesign of its desktop site and mobile apps, called Chirp, to give them a more unified feel but it’s undergoing changes…

Twitter introduced a new experience for its desktop interface and its mobile apps not long ago. The new color scheme and font set — known as Chirp — has apparently backfired as people are rejecting the changes. To deal with the backlash, Twitter is backtracking, promising to undo certain aspects of the redesign in response to overwhelming user feedback.

Twitter Chirp Overhaul Getting a New Redesign

On Wednesday, August 11, the Twitter Accessibility account posted about the new updates “for colors & typography”, including “higher color contrast of buttons, links, focus [and] easier reading with left-aligned text and more space between text.” Despite the goal of making the platform more reader-friendly, it looks like the overhaul has had the opposite effect. People complain about the new font causing headaches and eye strain.

To quell the complaints, Twitter is making key changes to its redesign, intended to effectively deal with the problems being caused by the overhaul.

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