August 5, 2022
Twitter trolls

Twitter Claims It’s Now Cracking Down on 10x more Trolls

Twitter trolls are definitely the bane of the social microblog and the company states it now takes more decisive action to curb abuse on its platform…

Back in February, Twitter started identifying and restricting abusive accounts. Now, the social network’s safety team says it’s doing more to make it a better place for conversations. In today’s announcement, the company discloses it’s now, “…taking action on 10x the number of abusive accounts every day compared to the same time last year.” 

New Data Reveals Twitter is Acting Against 10x more Trolls than a Year Ago

In the past several months, Twitter introduced a number of tools to help users fight trolls. In March, it began issuing profile warnings to alert users to problematic accounts. Earlier this month, the platform rolled out a new mute option to help users avoid strangers.

Twitter trolls, though, aren’t quite giving up without a fight, according to Ed Ho, General Manager of Consumer Product and Engineering. So, Twitter is now limiting suspect accounts’ functionality or outright suspending thousands of profiles every day.

But, the social microblog must also deal with people who violate its policies time and again. “There are repeat offenders who create new accounts after being suspended for violations. Our new systems, in the last four months alone, have removed twice the number of these types of accounts. Beyond the technology, our teams are continuing to review content daily and improve how we enforce our policies.”

Twitter also states it’s trying to correct bad behavior by limiting profiles for a predetermined amount of time. Twitter notifies accounts deemed abusive about their limited functionality and are additionally told for what reasons.

The company says as a result of these actions, limited accounts generate 25 percent fewer abuse reports thereafter and of the number of limited accounts, 65 percent are only penalized one time. What’s more, the Twitter Quality Filter has produced a 40 percent reduction in unwanted interactions.

Ho states Twitter remains, “…committed to making Twitter a safe place for free expression.”

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