November 2, 2022
Twitter composition screen reply limit

Twitter is Adding an Option to Place a Limit on Replies, Right in the Composition Screen

Twitter has revealed it will let its users set a limit on replies, right from the composition screen, which could help to prevent abuse and harassment…

Twitter’s director of product management, Suzanne Xie, has announced a CES that the company is working on bringing some changes to the platform this year. One is a new setting for “conversation participants,” which will appear in the composition screen. It will let users set limits on who can reply to their tweets.

Twitter Composition Screen Reply Limit Option Announced

The new Twitter composition screen reply limit tool has four settings: “Global, Group, Panel, and Statement.” 

Global will let anyone reply, while Group is for followers and mentions, and Panel is comprised of users specifically mentioned in tweets. Statement is an option to post a tweet without allowing any replies.

It’s what some call “narrow-casting,” a feature rival Facebook has been pushing in its private groups. As the name states, it lets users set a limit on the people who can interact with posted content.

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