September 21, 2022
Twitter 'Continued Thread' Test Option Now available to a Limited Group of iOS Users

Twitter is Experimenting with Expanding Tweets in New ‘Continued Thread’ Test Feature for Some of its iOS Users

Twitter is changing its user experience up a bit by letting some users on its iOS app add new tweets to old threads — but it’s not an edit feature…

There’s a new option on the Twitter app for iOS. However, not everyone on the platform will see it. The microblog now supports — in limited fashion — appending new posts to old tweet threads. But, it isn’t the highly-desired edit tool.

Twitter ‘Continued Thread’ Test Option Now available to a Limited Group of iOS Users

The new Twitter ‘Continued Thread’ experiment has gone live for some iOS users. It works by letting people pull down a view of their older posts and threads into the composition window. 

Any iOS user privy to the test can simply start a new tweet, then click on the three dot menu. Thereafter, it’s possible to choose the previous post or thread to connect the new tweet to, making it part of the original conversation.

At this time, there’s no official word for how many iOS users have access to the feature. Or, if and when it will expand to more and/or to Android. As with past experiments, it might or might not make its way out to the masses.

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