October 26, 2021
Twitter conversation test features

Here’s the First Look at the New Twitter Conversation Test Feature Interface and It’s Brimming with Colors

New Twitter conversation test features were first announced last week as part of a fledgling program to get public input and feedback…

Just last week, Twitter made an announcement it would start a program to test new conversation features through a standalone app. 

The idea behind the test is to collect real-time feedback about new ways to organize conversations. It will also include new context features, like “ice breaker” tweets. (These were introduced last year as a means of encouraging users to talk to one another.)

Twitter Conversation Test Features Sport Colorful Interface

Twitter said the program will go live in the coming weeks and the company will solicit feedback to gauge how people feel about the possible changes.

Now, we’re getting our first look at the interface. And, it’s quite busy. Product head Sara Haider says the final release won’t be as bold, though. Here’s a snap posted by TechCrunch:

Twitter conversation test features
Credit: TechCrunch

The company explains it’s using different colors to differentiate between the original poster, followers, and non-followers. In other words, the colors alert users to who is who.

Another experiment removes the engagement icons, meaning the retweet and heart, for a more sleek look.

Twitter will only include a couple to a few thousand users in the trial run. None of those participants will need to sign an NDA or non-disclosure agreement. This is to ensure the social site gets as much organic feedback and input as possible.

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