February 23, 2021
Twitter data saver mode

Twitter Releases a Data Saving Option for its Main App, like the One Found on Twitter Lite

A newly released Twitter data saver mode now appears in the main mobile app, copying a feature already available on Twitter Lite…

A recently updated version of the native Twitter mobile app now includes a helpful tool. It aids in reining in data usage, much like its Lite app does for users in emerging markets. Which means people no longer have to download a separate app to cut down on their data consumption.

Twitter Data Saver Mode comes to Its Native Mobile App

Previously, Twitter only offered its data saver option for Windows, Twitter Lite, and its mobile website (which is a PWA or progressive web app and is now becoming its main site). Although, some users have reported seeing it on Android and iOS devices, even on the web, as part of a past test.

However, with this launch, it’s now broadly available to both Android and iOS users, alike. When enabled, it loads images in lower quality and does not auto-play videos. But, users can still view higher quality images simply by tapping on the three-dot menu and selecting “Load High Quality.”

Additionally, the update brings with it some other changes. It’s now easier to manage group chats, plus it adds improvements to polls, as well as better ad labels.

For anyone who really needs to conserve as much as possible, Twitter Lite is still the better way to go. That’s because it not only has the data saver option, but also takes up a lot less space on mobile devices.

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