August 8, 2022
Twitter direct message APIs

Twitter Direct Message APIs Location Sharing Now in Private Beta Testing

New Twitter direct message APIs in beta testing allows individuals to opt into location sharing with brick and mortar businesses through direct messages…

Microblog Twitter announced it’s releasing a new direct message location sharing feature for businesses. “Starting today, businesses building on our Direct Messages platform can request and share locations with people. Alongside quick replies, welcome messages and Customer Feedback Cards, this is yet another feature in the canvas we’re providing for businesses to create great human- and bot-powered customer experiences on Twitter,” Product Manager Ian Cairns wrote.

Twitter Direct Message APIs Location Sharing for Business Rolls Out in Private Beta Testing

Twitter states individuals have “complete control” over the location sharing option. And, businesses must first gain approval by asking for users to share their locations. Then, individuals can either ignore the requests, share precise locations, or choose a name from a list. Users can do this without actually being in a physical location. 

Twitter direct message APIs
Credit: Twitter

The new option provides a useful tool for brick and mortar businesses. “For many businesses, delivering a great customer experience depends on understanding location for context — whether to engage with a location-aware bot or to get better customer service,” Cairns explains.

Lately, Twitter puts its focus on combatting abuse on the platform. It recently added filters to mute content and notifications. The company also just dropped @replies from counting against the 140 character limit.

Twitter states more new features are coming. “Now that businesses can easily incorporate location sharing into their customer experiences, expect to see other innovative location-aware use cases in Direct Messages.”

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