September 15, 2022
Twitter Direct Message Card business bots

Twitter Direct Message Card Business Bots Introduced

Twitter Direct Message Card business bots just became part of the social microblog, giving advertisers a new feature for user personalized experiences…

A new Twitter Direct Message card business bots tool comes to the microblog, offering an option to reach customers through personalized experienced. This new Direct Message Card is customizable, complete with four call-to-action buttons which help to encourage users to enter into a brand’s DMs.

Twitter Direct Message Card Business Bots Roll Out

Unlike Facebook chatbots, which mostly hep users with customer service issues or promote products, these bots create engagement through private messaging. The purpose is to make experiences more fun instead of plainly transactional.

“Using a Direct Message Card, businesses can capture people’s attention with engaging image or video creatives, and include up to four fully customizable call-to-action buttons. Each call-to-action button takes the user into a specific experience within Direct Messages. With Direct Message Cards running in Promoted Tweet campaigns, businesses can take advantage of Twitter Ads’ full targeting suite to find a relevant audience to pull into personalized conversations at scale. Businesses can also turn their audience into advocates by encouraging them to share the experience in their own voice through a Tweet,” Travis Lull (@tjlull), Senior Product Manager, explains.

Credit: Twitter

For example, the Patron Tequila bot, called Bot-Tender, creates personalized recommendations based on user responses to questions about the occasion, flavor, and emoji, as well.  Twitter also gives business using the new feature the ability to encourage consumers to reshare their bot experiences via a tweet prompt.

“The Direct Message Card is a robust discovery tool that complements other features we have built to make Direct Messages a powerful canvas for brands to build personalized and scalable conversational experiences.”

The new Twitter Direct Message Card business bots are only available in limited beta at this time.

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