June 15, 2021
Twitter DM filter

Twitter Introduces a Filter for Offensive DMs

Twitter is bringing a direct message filter to its mobile and desktop platforms, placing potentially offensive communications in an ancillary folder…

Back in August, Twitter announced via its Support Team it would conduct a test to filter direct messages containing “offensive content.”

Any messages appearing in the “Message requests” folder which include abusive or inappropriate language would automatically be placed in “Additional messages.” Now, it’s rolling out the tool to Android, iOS, and the web.

Twitter Direct Message Filter Rolls Out

Twitter says although the flagged messages will automatically be relocated to another section, users can still opt to read them. Or, people can simply delete any messages flagged by the system.

Messages marked suspicious by Twitter will read, “This message is hidden because it may contain offensive content.”

It’s all part of Twitter’s broader efforts to curb abuse, which includes reply moderation. 

Back in April, Twitter also ran a reply moderation test which allowed users to hide replies to their tweets.

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