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Twitter Direct Message Requests Roll Out

Twitter Direct Message requests

Twitter Direct Message requests are now on the social microblog platform, separating messages from followed users and unfollowed users…

A new Twitter Direct Message requests folder comes to the network, sorting messages from unfollowed users from those who are followed. Profiles which have opted into receiving direct messages from any user will now see those messages inside “Requests.”

Twitter Direct Message Requests Debut

This is, “Part of our ongoing efforts to reduce abuse & make Twitter safer, and one that also has many benefits beyond that,” tweets Keith Coleman, VP Product at the company. 

Two years ago, Twitter introduced the option to receive direct messages from any user, even those who aren’t followed. Recently, the company began revising the process to provide its users with the option to accept or delete messages from those not followed. 

Just last week, Twitter launched a new direct message card business bots tool. In the past few months, the company has improved its privacy measures, introducing new advanced privacy controls about two weeks ago.

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