November 3, 2022
Twitter direct message search

Twitter Introduces a Search Bar for Direct Messages on iOS and the Web

Twitter just added a search bar to its direct messaging section, making it super easy to find conversations in just moments…

Everyone has gone through the frustration of trying to locate a particular DM. It’s a handy feature which is typically found in email clients. But, it’s not at all common on chat platforms.

Twitter is changing that, bringing a search bar to direct messages. It’s first being tested on iOS and desktop, working with the most recent conversations.

Twitter Direct Message Search Bar goes Live on iOS and the Web

The new Twitter direct message search tool works by name or group, which of course, has  limitations. Since it’s just an experiment, the search perimeters are finite. For instance, it only supports name and group queries and recent exchanges. It would obviously be more helpful for it to support search by keyword, date, and other inputs.

This just being a test, it’s understandable it does not support additional functionalities. As with any test, it’s not certain if Twitter will adopt the feature for wide roll out or simply ditch it.

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