June 18, 2021
Twitter down

Twitter is Down for Some Users across the US, Europe, Japan, other Markets [Update: It’s Back]

A Twitter outage is occurring in some parts of the USA, along with Europe, Japan, and other locations around the globe…

Microblog Twitter is down in some locations in the United States, as well as Japan and Europe, in conjunction with a few other markets. The outage appears mostly across the east coast of the U.S. And, through much of Europe, according to Down Detector

Twitter Down in the USA, Europe, Japan, Other Locations

The Next Web reports more than 800 incidents and notes some of its own staff are impacted:

“According to reports, users are able to connect to Twitter but the website returns an error.

We have been able to confirm the platform is indeed experiencing technical difficulties. While Twitter remained functional for some TNW staffers, others were unable to check their notifications.

The issue began about 30 to 45 minutes ago but Twitter’s status page isn’t acknowledging the problem. Down Detector show web access the most widely affected but it’s also an issue with the iOS app.

Update: the site is back up as of 10:35 a.m.