November 4, 2022
Twitter doxxing reporting tool

Twitter Expands its Dox Reporting Tool to Help Protect Users’ Personal Information

The Twitter doxxing reporting tool will now help the social microblog move faster when responding to people exposing users’ personal information…

Twitter doesn’t exactly drop everything to jump on users’ reports of exposed personal information.

Fortunately, the platform understands the importance of such privacy concerns. So, it’s expanded its doxxing reporting tool to include a new section where users can provide more details.

Twitter Doxxing Reporting Tool Expanded

Now, when someone reports such a tweet, simply select “It’s abusive or harmful,” followed by “Includes personal information.” The added level of specificity will help Twitter understand what type of personal information has been shared.

Users reporting doxxing activity can indicated whether it’s their phone number, email address, physical address, GPS coordinates, financial account details, or even government-issued identification.

Twitter has received its fair share of criticism for its inadequate handling of abuse and harassment on its site.

The company has introduced remedies to correct this. One is a way to flag tweets from bots and fake accounts. It’s also acquired an online safety firm to improve anti-abuse efforts. As a result, Twitter said reports of abuse dropped by 16 percent year-over-year back in February.

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