April 8, 2021
Twitter edit button

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Says the Company is Thinking about Adding an Edit Button

A Twitter edit button might just be released, says CEO Jack Dorsey but the company must carefully consider its repercussions…

Around the end of 2016 was the last time Twitter publicly said anything about adding an edit button. It’s the one option users overwhelming clamor for. Yet, for its entire existence, the microblog as gone without this simple tool.

Twitter Edit Button might Come to Help Fix Typos

A Twitter edit button is most definitely at the top of users’ wish lists. Here’s what CEO Jack Dorsey said about bringing such a feature two years ago:

“You have to pay attention to what are the use cases for the edit button. A lot of people want the edit button because they want to quickly fix a mistake they made. Like a misspelling or tweeting the wrong URL. That’s a lot more achievable than allowing people to edit any tweet all the way back in time.”

Dorsey went on to elaborate a bit more. Explaining a Twitter edit button would prevent unlimited editing. Furthermore, the company would ensure it’s not a friction point:

“We have been considering this for a while and we have to do in the right way. We can’t just rush it out. We can’t make something which is distracting or takes anything away from the public record.”

Of course, there’s no guarantee an edit button will magically appear now or in the future.

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