July 25, 2021
Twitter embedded tweet experiment

New Twitter Embedded Tweet Experiment Removes Likes and Retweets

A confirmed, small, Twitter embedded tweet experiment removes likes and retweets from embedded tweets, substituting a user discussion count…

Twitter is tinkering with embedded tweets. In a small test, the microblog kills off likes and retweets in favor of a user discussion count. TechCrunch confirmed the experiment through spokesperson Dan Jackson. Jackson states the test is to broaden “social context” on the platform.

Twitter Embedded Tweet Experiment Replaces Likes and Retweets with User Discussion Count

Like previous tests, this may or may not become a permanent change to the microblog.  It does allow users to immediately identify how much attention a particular embedded tweet has. But, it does limit interaction as the like and retweets buttons are not available.

There’s a good argument that such a change will increase friction, rather than spurn more user engagement. After all, with the like and retweet options gone, users will need to click-through to take further action.

Twitter is also testing a new Moments format. It’s an improved layout that is more consistent with the design of the rest of the platform. The company already rolled out its new 280 tweet character limit; a change it announced back in September. The new 280 tweet character limit aims to rid the platform of cramming, as only 9 percent of English language tweets hit the familiar 140 limit.

Twitter continues to struggle financially. The microblog averaged 330 million monthly users during Q3, a paltry 1 percent improvement from Q2.