April 7, 2021
Twitter emoji search

Twitter Emoji Search Now Available

A new Twitter emoji search option now appears on the social network, giving users the ability to find patterns for more effective social media marketing…

Users can search Twitter for keywords, phrases, people, businesses, hashtags, and more. Now, those are accompanied by a new Twitter emoji search, which allows users to simply copy and paste one or more emoji into the search portal.

Twitter Emoji Search Comes to the Social Microblog

With its notorious character limit, use of emoji on the social microblog is ubiquitous. These special characters make it easy to express emotions with clear visuals, saving valuable space. The Twitter emoji search function is available on desktop and mobile. Simply enter any one emoji or combination of many to learn how people are using them on the network.

Twitter previously announced its support for ad targeting via emoji and now, it appears to have more use. For example, local pizza shops can target nearby consumers with a pizza slice emoji. 

The new ability might not provide exact targeting but it does give brands more insight into how these are used on the platform. By incorporating one or more into tweets, it’s possible to reach a wider audience. Also, the Twitter emoji search allows businesses to see which profiles demonstrate an interest in a particular product or industry. For instance, searching fashion emojis will return users tweeting them.

In its latest Q1 report, Twitter shows strong gains. The company also recently launched a limited bot support system in a test run. The social network is also considering a cooperative conversion vote to hold this month.

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