January 15, 2022
Twitter financial scam crackdown

Twitter Announces its Cracking Down on Financial Scams

Twitter says it has updated its policy on financial scams, including things like money-flipping schemes and phishing campaigns…

Social microblog Twitter has revised its policy regarding financial scams. Now, users can no longer trick other people into sending money and/or personal financial information.

Previously, the site ran fraud complaints through its spam reporting option. However, with the changes, the platform makes clear what’s prohibited and also makes it easier to report problems.

Twitter Financial Scam Crackdown Begins

Going forward, users are prohibited from establishing fake accounts or impersonate public figures and organizations. Twitter has banned money schemes which ask for small amount for larger returns. Also, phishing schemes are banned.

Suspect accounts could be locked for further review and/or information. The site might also outright take down accounts.

Twitter might likewise warn users about unsafe links and remove specific tweets from its platform.

The company continues its efforts to improve the site and try to rid it of nefarious conduct. It’s already banned cryptocurrency ads, and states it’s experienced a 16 percent decline in user abuse reports.

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