July 28, 2021
Twitter for Android Now Supports 4K Media

ICYMI: Twitter Now Allows Users to Upload and View Full 4K Media on Android

Twitter on Android won’t restrict photo and video media to lower parameters any longer, as the microblog now supports full 4K media…

Twitter is notorious for compressing images and video. When users upload either type of media, the microblog condenses its size. Of course, this does great damage to media captured on professional grade equipment. As a result, photographers and other professionals can’t display their work in true form. Thankfully, Twitter has taken the necessary steps to bring 4K support to its platform.

Twitter for Android Now Supports 4K Media

Almost a year ago, Twitter first gave its iOS app the ability to load images in 4K. Now, nearly twelve months later, the “Load 4K” option is available on its Android app, as well. Right now, it’s live on Twitter’s beta version 8.76 and newer. But, it differs in functionality from the iOS tool. Instead of having to press and hold the image to reveal the option, Android places it in the three-dot menu.

In order to upload media in 4K on Twitter’s Android app, it’s necessary to make changes to the settings. Just go to Settings and privacy > Data usage > High quality image upload. It also has an option between mobile data and WiFi, or whichever is available. 

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