November 12, 2022
Twitter Happening Now

Twitter Happening Now Rolls Out, ‘Save for Later’ Option Coming Soon

A new Twitter Happening Now sports-centric feature rolls out to Android and iOS today, with a ‘Save for Later’ option expected to appear soon…

Beginning today, Android and iOS users can access a new Twitter feature called Happening Now. It’s the microblog’s latest attempt to assist users in finding more relevant and popular tweet regarding sporting events.

Twitter Happening Now Debuts with ‘Save for Later’ Option Coming Soon

Although it’s another sincere attempt to put interesting content in front of users, an additional algorithm curating more content could further cluster the platform. Plus, Twitter already contains a wide variety of similar features. For instance, Moments is a news curation tool and Highlights, which is much like Moments, but more personalized and only available on Android.

Yet another content surfacing tool isn’t likely to make the platform more useful or welcoming for new users. What’s more, it’s specifically tailored to sports fans, which necessarily isolates users who are not interested in such events.

Additionally, Keith Coleman, the head of product, tweeted an announcement of ‘Save for Later.’ It’s being introduced because the option is a top request. With it, users will no longer need the “like” workaround.

The moves come after the company announced the doubling of the character limit from 140 to 280. However, the latter save option does not currently have a specific release date.

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