November 5, 2022
Twitter hide replies

Twitter Starts Testing its New ‘Hide Replies’ Option in Canada this Week

Twitter is now experimenting with a ‘hide replies’ feature, starting this week in Canada, which it initially began testing earlier this year…

Twitter is about to give users more granular control over which comments they see in their conversations. First scheduled for wider testing in June, it’s now starting to make its way out to people in Canada.

Twitter ‘Hide Replies’ Test Begins this Week in Canada

Software engineer, Jane Manchun Wong, who has a strong history of spotting features tucked away in code, found the option back in March. It appeared at the time Twitter was in the midst of testing out a tool called “replies moderation.”

If this test run mimics the one in March, it would allow users to tuck-away replies to their tweets. (Although it does conceal replies, it does not delete them. Instead, those replies remain, visible by manual action.)

Senior product manager Michelle Yasmeen explained back in April:

“We already see people trying keep their conversations healthy by using block, mute, and report, but these tools don’t always address the issue. Block and mute only change the experience of the blocker, and report only works for the content that violates our policies.”

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