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Yes, Twitter is Actually Charging People to Read Certain Tweets

Twitter Introduces Super Follower Subscription Service

Credit: Marketing Land

Twitter has rolled out a new subscription option, called Super Follows, which works much like Patreon, that offer members exclusive perks…

Just a few weeks ago, rumors swirled about Twitter exploring a possible new revenue stream.  This, in order to reduce its dependence on advertising dollars. Now, it’s been established there was some truth to the scuttlebutt. And, the social microblog has released a few details about its newest program with a new subscription service it calls “Super Follows.”

Twitter Introduces Super Follower Subscription Service

Twitter’s new Super Follows is a kind of Patreon copy. In other words, subscribers get access to exclusive content, including extra content, a supporter badge, as well as subscriber-only newsletters. The perks cost $4.99 per month. But, it’s unknown just how Twitter will divvy-up the five bucks. The company hasn’t disclosed any details about how big of a cut it will take from creators. It’s just another step into the new world of digital entertainment that continues to unfold. 

Meanwhile, Twitter is also developing another new feature called Communities. Unsurprisingly, this is just a replica of Facebook Groups. Twitter Communities will aim to bring like-minded people together, so they can share their thoughts and experiences about popular topics.

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