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Twitter Literally Shrinks Follower Numbers in an Effort to Promote more Meaningful Conversations — but That’s not All

Twitter iOS app de-emphasizes follower counts

The iOS app for Twitter now de-emphasizes follower counts and more metrics to help improve the space by fostering more meaningful relationships…

Social microblog Twitter just made a minor but significant change to its iOS app. Follower count numbers are now smaller. No, not the actual number of followers but the counter font. It’s part of what CEO Jack Dorsey repeatedly said about rethinking how the platform can create more meaningful conversations.

Twitter iOS App De-Emphasizes Follower Counts in Latest Update

But, it’s not just the follower count ticker which has undergone a change. It also extends to locations, birthdays, join dates, and mutual followers, as well.

So, why the change to smaller font sizes for Twitter follower counts, locations, birthdays, join dates, and mutual followers? Simple, it’s a way to get users to focus on the content. In other words, when these metrics display in larger fonts, people have a tendency to look at them more often.

Dorsey said in an interview by placing emphasis on followers, it creates an artificial environment and causes people to seek out more attention:

“…made the [followers] font size a little bit bigger than everything else on the page. We did not really think much about it and moved on to the next problem to solve. What that has done is we put all the emphasis, not intending to, on that number of how many people follow me. So if that number is big and bold, what do people want to do with it? They want to make it go up.”

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