June 18, 2021
Twitter iPad app redesign

Twitter is Launching a Makeover of its iPad App and it’s Beginning to Roll Out to Users

Twitter is starting to release its refresh of its app for the iPad, which makes better use of larger screens, but customization remains limited…

The iPad app for Twitter isn’t exactly a fan-favorite. Fortunately, it’s gotten an overhaul that rectifies a few things, most notably, a little more efficient use of the larger screens on tablets.

Twitter iPad App Redesign Starts Rolling Out

Twitter has redesigned its iPad tablet app, which now displays multiple columns, instead of just one that left way too much white space. So, it now looks a lot more like the desktop interface on the web. 

With the newly refreshed Twitter iPad app, there’s now a navigation bar on the left side, with the feed in a center column, and Trends in a right side bar.

Although the new UI is technically a multi-column design, it’s still not anywhere near the likes of TweetDeck. The later give users the freedom to choose what shows-up, such as mentions, direct messages, or specific hashtags. However, none of those customizations carry over to the iPad app.

The new Twitter app for iPad is now beginning to appear to some users but not everyone is seeing it just yet. It should show-up sometime fairly soon, though.

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