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Twitter’s New Custom Share Menu for iOS is Coming to Android

Twitter is Bringing New Share Sheet UIs to Android

Credit: TechCrunch

Twitter recently introduced a custom share sheet experience to its iOS client and now, it’s doing the same for Android devices…

Not long ago, social microblog Twitter released a custom share UI for iOS that replaced the operating system’s native solution. Now, Twitter is giving its Android client the same treatment. But, this time, there are two variations which will replace the app’s already existing share experience. What’s more, the new share sheets for Android are definitely an improvement on the old interface.

Twitter is Bringing New iOS Share Sheet UIs to Android

As pictured in the images below, the old share sheet was lackluster. Nearly completely devoid of color, the top choices listed in black and white, were Add Tweets to Bookmarks, Copy link to Tweet, and Share Tweet via.. However, the new share UI for Android retains the first three options but now includes five social media/messaging shortcuts, WhatsApp, Messages, Facebook, Messenger, and Gmail.

These two new Twitter share sheet UIs have not yet widely rolled out, seemingly limited to the alpha and beta builds for now. However, it shouldn’t be long before they make their way to public release on the stable version.

Credit: Android Police (Left: old share UI , Middle & Right: new share UIs)
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