May 27, 2022
Twitter is Exploring an Option to Let Two Accounts Co-Create a Tweet

Twitter May Let Two Profiles Co-Write and Post a Collaborative Tweet

Twitter is apparently working on an option that would allow two accounts to joint author and post a single tweet together…

Twitter recently confirmed that it is “exploring” a new feature that would allow two accounts to co-author one tweet. Evidence of this option first appeared back in December of last year. But, more examples have surfaced since then which give the public a better idea of how collaborative tweets would work. (We know it’s already possible because Instagram has offered something similar since 2021.)

Twitter is Exploring an Option to Let Two Accounts Co-Create a Tweet

Twitter would require that the two accounts be public and it would work on an invitation basis. So, one account would have to invite another to participate and of course, the recipient would have to accept. Once the partnership is struck, the two accounts could co-write and co-post a tweet, with both avatars appearing in the top left of the post, letting everyone know which accounts are involved.

This would be most beneficial to brand partnerships, for influencers, and for creators alike. It would also benefit Twitter, increasing user engagement and the opportunity to sell more ads featuring the products mentioned. Right now, there’s no official word on when the option will debut. But given that it’s been made available by a major competitor, Twitter is more likely to follow the emerging trend.

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