November 26, 2021
Twitter is Testing Ads inside Replies to Tweets

No, It’s Not a Mistake or Imagination, Twitter Really is Cramming Ads into Tweet Replies

Twitter is experimenting with a new form of advertising, showing promoted content within tweet replies on iOS and Android to select users…

Twitter is conducting another test regarding running advertisements. This time, the ads are appearing in the replies of tweets. It’s a global experiment, across both iOS and Android, but only to a select percentage of users on the social microblog. Revenue Product Lead Bruce Falk explains those involved in the test will see ads under the first, third, or eighth reply to a tweet. So, it’s not huge blocks, but still noticeable.

Twitter is Testing Ads inside Replies to Tweets

The new Twitter tweet reply ads aren’t running in every single instance. However, the company does state that it is testing the frequency, layouts, and other aspects. This, to gauge how well they perform and affect the community. Of course, the trial run shouldn’t come as a surprise, given how eager Twitter is to find new sources of revenue. And this might be a viable methodology. 

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