May 27, 2022
Twitter is Working to Bring Tweet Text Selection to its Android App

Twitter’s Android App is About to Catch Up to its iOS Counterpart with This New Feature

Twitter is adding tweet text selection to its Android app, a feature that’s long been available on iOS, bringing the two closer to parity…

Twitter’s iOS and Android apps have never received the same treatment. The former tends to get the newest features first, with the latter lagging behind — sometimes for prolonged periods of time. One such example is one of the most widely available options across social media — the ability to select text to copy and paste elsewhere. Now, it looks like Twitter for Android is gaining the ability.

Twitter is Working to Bring Tweet Text Selection to its Android App

Thanks to a little behind the UI snooping by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, it’s been revealed that Twitter for Android will introduce tweet text selection. Although this is certainly welcome, it doesn’t come without some confusion. That’s because a handful of Android-powered devices already allow tweet text selection. For instance, Google’s Pixel phones are equipped with “Overview Selection,” giving its owners the ability to select text from any screen to copy and paste.

The option is still under development and Twitter hasn’t publicly stated when it plans to roll it out to all Android devices. But, it is a simple feature that’s long overdue and one that should be greatly appreciated.

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