September 15, 2022
Twitter link-shortening system investigation

Government Opens Investigation into Twitter Over its Link-Shortening System

A Twitter link-shortening system investigation is underway in Ireland over concerns about its adherence to the new GDPR law…

Twitter is facing an investigation into its URL-shortening practices. Regulators want to know just how much data the social mircrblog collects from its system.

Twitter Link-Shortening System Investigation Launched

UK professor Michael Veale requested a look into the practice under the newly passed GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation, a European privacy law, which took effect in May of this year.

Veale actually first reached out to Twitter directly but the company stated it collected no data from its link-shortening service. Veale did not believe this to really be true. Subsequently, the Irish Data Privacy Commissioner sent Veale a letter:

“The DPC has initiated a formal statutory inquiry in respect of your complaint. The inquiry will examine whether or not Twitter has discharged its obligations in connection with the subject matter of your complaint and determine whether or not any provisions of the GDPR or the [Data Protection] Act have been contravened by Twitter in this respect.”

This isn’t the first instance of this happening. It’s already been an issue with both Facebook and Twitter before, but no wrongdoing was discovered.

Twitter declined to comment but did tell The Verge it was “actively engaged” with the Irish Data Privacy Commissioner.

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