August 7, 2022
Twitter live streams top news feed

Twitter Now Surfaces Live Streams at the Top of Users’ News Feeds

Twitter live streams top news feed in the latest change to the social microblog’s platform, giving users more opportunity to see important content…

Social microblog Twitter has made yet another change to how it arranges its News Feed. Now, live broadcasts will appear at the top of any followed accounts. So, if an followed account goes live and shares a tweet about it, the broadcast will rise to the top of the timeline.

Twitter Live Streams Top News Feed in Latest Update

This move represents more evidence that social media channels are putting greater and greater emphasis on video. Pre-recorded packages and live streams are very popular with users. Typically, these substantially outperform text updates, as well as images. The company made the announcement through the following tweet:

Although, this isn’t the first time Twitter has put such focus on live broadcasts. It’s carried NFL games in the past and its Happening Now kept its users up-to-date of ongoing events by placing them at the top. However, this is the first time it’s done this for all live streams. 

The new feature is now going live on its Android and iOS apps.

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