October 1, 2022
Twitter Mac desktop app

Twitter Reveals it’s Bringing Back its Desktop App for Mac

The Twitter Mac desktop app, discontinued last year, will come back with macOS 10.15, and will include some great features…

Just over a year ago, Twitter killed off its desktop app for Mac computers. The move didn’t sit well with Mac owners and now, the social site will resurrect it on macOS 10.15 Catalina this fall.

Twitter Mac Desktop App Returning

The renewed Twitter Mac desktop app will return with some great options, including dark mode, keyboard shortcuts, multiple windows, along with notifications.

Twitter originally removed the application from its App Store in February 2018. The company did so after it only received sporadic updates. The social microblog told users to switch over to the web version.

Twitter explained it pulled its desktop app for Mac because the company focused on mobile and it couldn’t maintain different versions. Now, it’s coming back and should debut in the fall.

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