September 21, 2022
Twitter Mac desktop app

Twitter Announces It is Shuttering Its Mac Desktop App

The little-used Twitter Mac desktop app time is coming to an abrupt close, with just under thirty days support remaining…

The Twitter Mac desktop app never exactly caught-on. Now, the microblog is accepting reality. The company announced it is ending support for the program just thirty days from February 16th.

“We’re focusing our efforts on a great Twitter experience that’s consistent across platforms. So, starting today the Twitter for Mac app will no longer be available for download, and in 30 days will no longer be supported,” Twitter Support wrote in a tweet.

Twitter Mac Desktop App Shutting Down

The Twitter Mac desktop app only managed to gain a very meager 1.7 out of 5 in the App Store. It was developed by Black Pixel around 2015. Since that time, users have waited for an update but none arrived. Twitter users are now concerned the microblog might also shut down other clients, like Tweetdeck.

However, the social network did recommend Mac users just visit the website to continue to enjoy the full experience.

Twitter has gained a reputation for making changes that are out of sync with its loyal user base. The microblog has also struggled to find its identity. It’s been unable to successfully monetize its platform. In fact, in its twelve years of existence, the company has only posted one profitable quarter out of forty-eight. Even then, it lost more users.