September 22, 2021
Twitter PWA

Twitter is Actually Replacing its Main Desktop Site with its Mobile One

The Twitter PWA or Progressive Web App might eventually become the social microblog’s main desktop site as it begins to test for user feedback…

Twitter is now showing some of its users a new desktop version of its site. The new experience loads and reacts faster, consumes less data, and it already powers various Twitter apps. It even sports night mode and a data-saver option. Participants have been randomly selected to provide feedback to the company.

Main Twitter Desktop Site Transitioning to a Progressive Web App

The new Twitter interface really does not differ greatly from the old one. Although, it is organized differently, showing two columns instead of three. But, it remains quite familiar to those who regularly visit the original desktop site. What makes this so interesting is the technology which powers it, not the interface itself.

Twitter’s so-called “new” site isn’t new at all. In fact, it’s been around for some time now. It actually debuted in April 2017 as a PWA or progressive web app on the mobile web.

For those unfamiliar, PWAs look and act just like regular mobile applications. But, differ in a few ways. Instead of downloading an app to a mobile device, users simply add a bookmark. Which means there are no updates and no storage taken up to host the app on a mobile device. Also, They don’t consume as much data. Plus, they are generally faster than traditional mobile apps. What’s more, PWAs work offline. So, there’s no connection necessary.

It’s a sign PWAs are beginning to find their way into the mainstream. Google is the company behind the technology. It’s even adapted it for Google Photos on the web.

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