September 22, 2021
Twitter Moments

Twitter Says it’s Shutting Down Moments (No One is Really Using it Anyway)

Twitter Moments is going away on Android and iOS, effective October 23rd but it will remain a feature on the web for desktop…

Twitter is pulling support for Moments on its Android and iOS mobile apps, the microblog has announced in a tweet.

Twitter Moments Shut Down Announced

Moments are a way to stitch multiple tweets, including those with pictures and videos, together to create a story. These stories reside in a separate tab. But, the tool isn’t getting much use. So, the company will focus its efforts elsewhere.

Twitter didn’t explain why it’s removing the tool, other than low usage. Perhaps, it’s due to the time and effort of maintaining and updating it to work on newer versions of Android and iOS.

However, Twitter Moments aren’t going away altogether. The social microblog will leave it on the web for use through desktop or laptop.

How to Create Twitter Moments on the Web on Desktop

Even though the feature won’t appear as a separate tab in mobile apps, it still works on desktop. To create Twitter Moments on the web through a desktop or laptop, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the Moments tab.
  2. Add a title.
  3. Write a description.
  4. Select tweets to include. 
  5. Set a cover image. 
  6. Click “Publish” when finished.

Twitter Moments created on the web will still be viewable on the mobile apps. Moments are only supported in the United States.

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