September 30, 2022
Twitter Moments vertical video ads

Twitter Moments Vertical Video Ads to Debut

New Twitter Moments vertical video ads will soon appear on the platform, mimicking the interstitial adverts seen on Snapchat and Instagram Stories…

Twitter, copying Snapchat and Instagram Stories, will introduce a new advertising feature. The microblog will add Twitter Moments vertical video ads to the site. The interstitials will run in a short, “fullscreen video” format, currently called “monetized Moments.”

Twitter Moments Vertical Video Ads Coming to the Social Microblog

Vertical video, once considered a faux pas, is now becoming normalized among content creators and brands. Although more difficult to use because those ads cannot be placed on television or YouTube, this format is growing in popularity to accommodate mobile devices.

Snapchat is instrumental in making vertical video more mainstream for both consumers and creators alike. In fact, Snapchat just introduced a new self-serve ad tool, designed to assist brands in placing more vertical video ads on the app.

This marks yet another attempt by Twitter to take more market share and to improve its ad revenue. The social microblog continues to struggle financially but its latest earnings report does show some positive numbers. Near the end of this month, on May 22nd, the company will hold a shareholder vote on a cooperative conversion

Many people see the platform’s potential but are unsure how to tap it. The social network just released Twitter Lite, a progressive web app, built in partnership with Google.

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