November 2, 2022
Twitter transforms iOS Live Photos into GIFs

Finally, iOS Owners can Upload their Live Photos as GIFs on Twitter

Twitter has announced iOS device owners can now easily convert their Live Photos into GIFs with a simple upload option…

After yesterday’s announcement Twitter will no longer transcode, compress, and downgrade high-quality JPEG files, comes another media format surprise. Twitter says it’s now possible to upload iOS Live Photos and turn them into GIFs.

Twitter Now Transforms iOS Live Photos into GIFs

Twitter now offers iOS device owners a new way to express themselves. Just select a Live Photo, upload it from anywhere to Twitter, then select the GIF button and voila! 

It’s taken awhile for the microblog to support such a transformation. Apple first introduced Live Photos back in 2015, with the iPhone 6 model. That very same year, Tumblr and Facebook rolled out support for Live Photos. Even Google’s iOS app has offered the same GIF conversion ability since 2016. A year later, Apple unveiled a way to embed Live Photos on any site.

It’s unclear at this time if the Twitter platform can do the same with Google’s Motion Photos. But, it’s definitely a welcome addition to how Twitter handles more types of media.

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