May 21, 2022
Twitter Opens Disappearing Fleets to All Users

Twitter’s New Disappearing ‘Fleets’ Feature is Now Open to Everyone

Twitter’s new disappearing content medium, Tweets, which the company started testing back in March, is now rolling out to all users…

The age of ephemeral content continues to march on and now, Twitter is the latest platform to add support for disappearing posts. Twitter’s new “Fleets,” which is a Stories-like feature, is now making its way out to everyone on the microblog site. Although it does mimic the Stories format, it’s significantly different from posting a regular tweet — and in a number of ways.

Twitter Opens Disappearing ‘Fleets’ to All Users

Twitter Fleets start with a block of text, a picture, GIF, or tweet. Of course, these are a permanent part of the timeline. Instead, the content disappears after 24 hours — just like it does with Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, et cetera. This represents a real change for Twitter and might be a way to attract new users to the site. At the very least, it could increase engagement among Twitter’s established user base. That is, if said users actually embrace the feature.

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