May 27, 2022
Twitter original tweeter thread label

Twitter just Began a Public Test of an ‘Original Tweeter’ Label for Message Threads

A new Twitter original tweeter thread label will now appear in conversations in a public test to help users identify who’s who…

Twitter is now running a test which identifies who started a thread. Although it’s a public test, not everyone will see it in-action. Instead, only a small group of iOS and Android users will notice the new Twitter original tweeter thread label. This comes after the microblog disclosed it would start testing new tools on the platform.

Twitter Original Tweeter Thread Label Test Starts

The new Twitter original tweeter thread label should help to curb abuse and limit confusion. For example, if an original tweet comes from a verified profile, it’s much more difficult for impostors to hijack the conversation.

Additionally, the new Twitter original tweeter thread label will let everyone in the conversation know who started it.

Director of product management Sara Haider tells TechCrunch:

“…we’re exploring adding more context to discussions by highlighting relevant replies -– like those from the original Tweeter.”

Just a couple of weeks ago, a sneak-peek of he new conversation interface hit the web. The idea behind the test is to collect real-time feedback about new ways to organize conversations. It will also include new context features, like “ice breaker” tweets. (These were introduced last year as a means of encouraging users to talk to one another.)

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