October 3, 2022
Twitter Periscope pre-roll video ads

Twitter Periscope Pre-Roll Video Ads Expanding

Twitter Periscope pre-roll video ads, already playing through the platform, will expand beyond the Amplify program, the social microblog has announced…

The Twitter Periscope live video feature is about to get an update. The company has announced it will allow more advertisers to use an established marketing tool. This represents a new opportunity for creators and other publishers to monetize their live videos.

Twitter Periscope Pre-Roll Video Ads to Expand to Select Brands

Periscope will place re-roll video ads against native creator and publisher content. It creates a win-win scenario for brands to reach more consumers, will rewarding creators and publishers with revenue.

“Pre-roll ads on Periscope video enable brands to marry their message with specific broadcasts from creators and publishers. The same control that brands have to design their campaigns through the Amplify program will be extended to the new opportunities created with these ads. The experience will mirror how ads currently appear on all Twitter video: when consumers scroll through their timelines or search for content from a specific publishers or creators, Periscope videos – live and replay – can start with a short ad,” Mike Folgner (@mfolgs), Group Project Manager of Periscope, wrote on the company’s blog.

Although this is a huge opportunity for both creators and brands, end-users will ultimately determine if it’s a feasible marketing product. Back in February, YouTube announced its unskippable pre-roll ads will leave the video platform. In January, Facebook started testing mid-roll video ads but this isn’t yet on the platform.

Twitter states this is a prime opportunity because, “Ads on Periscope videos are a new way to use live and on-demand video to reach audiences at the most relevant moments.”

Periscope launched in March 2015. Currently, there are 1.9 million daily active users, with approximately 200 million broadcasts.

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