July 4, 2022

Twitter Pics Get 350% More Clicks

promoted tweetsSan Francisco, California–The old adage holds a picture is worth a thousand words. But on Twitter, an image is worth 350 percent more clicks than a text-only tweet.

Amazingly, the second largest social media site on the internet is proving that it’s promoted tweets feature is well worth the investment.

In a recent side-by-side comparison of data analytics, it’s been learned that appending a photo to a tweet generates a lot more engagement than messages without an image. The comparison revealed a hefty 120 percent increase in engagement for image attached tweets over non-image tweets. And that messages with an image receive equal amounts of click-throughs to where the image is hosted and to the account holder’s URL.

However, the same experiment yielded an unexpected nugget of information. And that would be, “Visits to a site from a tweet with a photo link vs. a tweet without a photo link are the same even though a tweet with a photo spends twice as many advertising dollars,” according to Jennifer Wong, writing in Search Engine Watch.

It was likewise learned that photos in tweets pay off in conversions. The analysis showed that tweets with an image not only captured more leads, but garnered nearly twice the amount of conversions. A possible reason for this extraordinary higher level of conversions might be due to the fact that people have a more robust idea of what their click will bring. Images seem to pique interest and instill a bit of trust.